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Our Programs


ACT Christian Family Center offers an educational Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum. Preschool/Kindergarten is conducted year round and is appropriate for children ages 2-5 years. There is a uniform policy in place and uniforms are required to be worn by our students. Further, infants 6 weeks plus will have stimulation-based daily activities to increase motor functions and communication skills.


Reading program

Academic Enrichment

The ABEKA Christian Curriculum used offers theme-based activities with a focus on letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Children three and up also practice name writing and recognition along with Sign-Language and Spanish to increase vocabulary and communication skills. 


Parental Needs
ACTCFC helps parents with the following needs:
  • Transportation of our pregnant mothers to doctor appointments during delivery and after post delivery. 
  • Assists in getting children to doctor appointments.
  • Assists in helping parents return to work or school at a much better pace.
  • Provides clothing, food and shelter assistance by networking with strategic outside agencies.
We take great pride in providing childcare, daycare and infant & baby care to all of our families throughout the Antelope Valley.
Plastic Ball
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