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Tuition rates are discussed during your initial visit and scheduled tour. We offer promotions and different programs throughout the year. DPCS, CCRC, GAIN, Crystal Stairs and all subsidized programs are welcome. We also offer military discounts for families and sibling discounts.

Vacation/Summer Excursion costs varies:

1 Excursion   $Updating per week

2 Excursions $Updating per week

3 Excursions $Updating per week

Transportation Fees may apply.



When your child is not in attendance for the contracted week you will be responsible for 75% of their tuition cost per your signed contract. If your child attends one or more days out of the week you are responsible to pay the full tuition for that week. Late or unpaid tuition will result in daily late fees and possible termination of services.


There is an annual  registration fee of $100. Prices are subject to change at anytime.

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